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 Woody Island Nature Reserve, Esperance

 Albany (1)

 Shelley Beach Camping and Day Use Area, West Cape Howe National Park

 Applecross (1)

 Canning Bridge Auto Lodge, Applecross

 Armadale (2)

 Armadale Cottage, Armadale

 Hillside Garden Village, Caravan Park, Armadale

 Attadale (1)

 Point Walter Recreation and Conference Centre, Bicton

 Augusta (2)

 Best Western Georgiana Molloy Motel, Augusta

 Turner Caravan Park, Augusta

 Australind (1)

 Belvidere Camping Area, Leschenault Conservation Park, near Bunbury

 Beverley (1)

 Beverley Bed and Breakfast Cottages

 Bouvard (1)

 Yalgorup Country Lodge, Mandurah

 Boyanup (1)

 Boyanup Billabong Bed and Breakfast

 Broadwater (1)

 Forte Cape View Apartments

 Brookton (2)

 Bedford Arms Hotel, Restaurant and Accommodation, Brookton

 Gidanga House Bed and Breakfast, Brookton