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 Armadale (2)

 Memorial Park, Armadale

 Minnawarra Park, Armadale

 Ashendon (1)

 Canning Dam Turtle Brook Picnic Area, near Armadale

 Attadale (1)

 Troy Park, Attadale

 Augusta (1)

 Cape Leeuwin Water Wheel, Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, near Augusta

 Australind (1)

 Belvidere Camping Area, Leschenault Conservation Park, near Bunbury

 Bayswater (1)

 Riverside Gardens, Bayswater

 Bedfordale (1)

 Wungong Dam, Bedfordale

 Bertram (6)

 Ascot Park, Bertram

 Bertram Oval, Bertram

 Centennial Park, Bertram

 Millbrook Avenue Park, Bertram

 Moombaki Park, Bertram

 Wetlands Walk, Bertram

 Beverley (1)

 Riverside Park, Beverley