Fact sheets to improve disability access

One in five people in Western Australia has a disability and, with their families and carers, they form a significant part of the community.

The chance of having a disability increases with age. Less than 5 per cent of people under five years have a disability while this rises to 50 per cent for people aged over 60 years.

Because the population is ageing, the Commission anticipates that the number of people with disability will rise by 48 per cent between 2001 to 2021, while the general population level will increase by 29 per cent.

This increasing number of people with disability is creating significant new needs and markets for information, services and facilities that can be accessed by local community members and tourists.

To assist businesses and community organisations understand and meet the access needs of people with disability a range of You’re Welcome - AccessWA information sheets have been developed. These can be used to assist business to make their services more accessible to expand their customer base into this growing market.

Information is available for specific business and service types, as well as for general access requirements such as accessible information and parking.

Fact sheets

The information provides an introduction for management on providing access to the following businesses or organisations:

Other useful access information for service providers: