Shire of Broome

Moonlight Bay Suites, Broome

  • Two accessible units provided
  • Set down area near reception area.
  • Reception area is spacious and entered via a 90am wide door.
Location (View Map)
51 Carnarvon St Chinatown, Broome, WA 6725 Australia
08 9193 7888

Pick up / set down bay
  • Pick up and set down area at reception.
External access and entrance
  • External access from set down area by way of a short gently sloping ramp. 
  • Main entrance has level entry via a 90cm wide open door.
  • Room is reached via a wide brick pathway that includes a ramp with a gradient of 1:10.
Internal area
  • Spacious foyer with tiled floor.
  • Soft lounge chair seating available with armrests and backrests.
  • Writing table available.
  • Reception counter at standing height.
Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • Clear signage.
Swimming pool
Swimming Pool:
  • Located on the rear and overlooking Roebuck Bay, the pool and spa are accessible from the northern car park.
  • Brick paved pathway is barrier free and 1.8 metres wide.
  • Entrance gate is 97cm wide and has a high 1.6 metre knob latch.
  • Pool is a roman baths style with a small lip.
  • Access to the water is by 3 steps, with a handle bar.
  • Spa is located next to the pool entry.

Accommodation Room / Unit

Room name
Two accessible units
  • Room light is key activated and reachable at standing height.
  • Tea and coffee facility in kitchenette within reach in standing height.
  • Small lounge area has tup style chairs.
  • Telephone has a volume control and the TV has a remote control.
  • Table lamp at sitting height.
  • Bedroom: An open space of 980 metres leads to the main bedroom form the lounge area with ample clearance either side of the double bed.
  • Carers Room adjacent to the main bedroom and bathroom.
  • Room door has a key access and is 76cm wide with a slide action.
  • Glass door is light to open and close with a D handle.
  • Door has an external clearance of 1 metre on the latch side.
Non movable double bed is firm with a height of 54cm and a clearance of 13cm from the floor.
Clear space under bed
Combined bathroom toilet
Bathroom door
  • 84cm wide door is heavy to open and close.
  • Access is level and wheelchair access is good with 1.2 metre clearance on the latch side of the door.
  • Shower level access: Yes
  • Pan height: 40cm
  • Basin: 83cm height.
Toilet layout Shower Toilet
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Information collected by: Shire of Broome

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.