Shire of Broome

Broome Motel

  • Three accessible rooms with bathrooms at ground level. Rooms are designated non smoking. 
  • Motel has one accessible parking bay, with unmarked parking also available
  • A ramp leads to the level entry and spacious reception area
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Frederick St, Broome, WA 6725 Australia
08 9192 7775
Free call: 1800 683 867

Pick up / set down bay
  • One bay is provided at the front reception.
External access and entrance
  • Ramp access with gradient of 1:9 leads  to the two metre wide level verandah. 
  • Entry is level and has a 1 metre wide glass sliding door with a ‘D’ handle.
  • Ample clearance on latch side of door.
Internal area
  • Reception counter 1.1 metres high.
  • Spacious foyer with tile floor.
  • Lounge seating provided in the foyer.
  • Seats are soft with backs and armrests. 
  • Display showing books available for loan at sitting height.
Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • Clear signage.
Swimming pool
  • Swimming pool is situated to the left of the entry driveway of the Broome Motel.
  • Open air 12 metre pool with sailcloth shading overhead.
  • 1 metre wide door has a lift up knob in 1.6 metre high entry.
  • Pool is a  Roman Bath style with a small lip and a 3 step entry.
  • Change table with good knee clearance and bench seating.
  • Round garden table with plastic chairs with armrests and backs.
  • Four lounge recliners available and ample wheelchair clearance all round the pool area.
  • No accessible toilet and change room at pool area, only in the 3 accommodation rooms. 


Guest Laundry
  • Rear of the Motel and has an accessible parking bay.
  • Door open from 7am – 7pm and is 92cm wide.
  • Internal clearance of 1.3 metres on the latch side.
  • Laundry has good internal circulation space, two top loading machines and 2 dryers.
  • Machines are 90cm high and coin operated.
  • Ironing facility.

Accommodation Room / Unit

Room name
Three Accessible Rooms
  • 3 accessible non smoking rooms at ground level.
  • Concrete path leading to the rooms is wide.
  • Short ramp 1 metre long has a gradient of 1:9.
  • Entry to a front veranda 2 metre wide Room Door.
  • Entrance to the room is level.
  • Breakfast: Room service will deliver breakfast.
  • Spacious kitchen and lounge.
  • Kitchen bench is at sitting height and has tea and coffee making facilities.
  • Lounge seats are soft with backrests
  • Room facilities: include TV with remote control, telephone and low light switches, air conditioning and ceiling fan, an AM/FM clock radio and a refrigerator.
  • 96cm wide glass sliding door has a key entry.
  • Door has a D handle and closes manually.
  • Ample clearance on the latch side for wheelchair access.
  • Floor is tiled and level throughout.
1.2 metre space on either side of non movable queen size bed. Bed soft and 53cm high with 11cm clearance. The floor is tiled and level throughout.
Clear space under bed
Combined bathroom toilet
  • Shower area is spacious 1.1 metres x 1.2 metres.
    Fold down seat of 45cm height and the access to shower is level and 1.2 metres wide.
  • Shower level access: Yes
  • Description: Toilet door is 82cm wide and light to open with a knob and a small lock. Good clearance on the latch side 44cm and wheelchair circulation is good.
  • Door: Manual
  • Pan height: 45cm
  • Basin: 79cm height with knee clearance.
Bathroom layout Basin Shower Toilet
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Information collected by: Shire of Broome

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.