Town of Victoria Park

Cityview Church, Carlisle

  • A Pentecostal Church located in Star Street Carlisle 
  • The church is spacious with wide aisles and people using wheelchairs and mobility devices are able to be accommodated with flexible seating arrangements 
  • A large carpark is located on site adjacent to the side entrance to the church foyer 
  • Accessible toilets are located onsite
Cityview Church
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Location (View Map)
100 Star Street, Carlisle, WA 6101 Australia
Opening Hours
  • Sunday Prayer, 9.30am 
  • Sunday Service, 10.00am
  • 08 9470 5348

  • A large, outdoor parking area is located adjacent to the church off Star Street.
  • The carpark is level with a bitumen and brick paved surface.
Parking area Parking area
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External access and entrance
  • A level, brick paved entrance is located directly off the carpark.
  • There is a double door with finger pull handle that is 76cm wide when one door is open. The door is heavy to open and fast to close.
Double door entry directly off the carpark
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Internal area
  • A spacious foyer with carpeted floor.
  • There is an information table at sitting height.
Spacious foyer
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Toilet: Male and Female Accessible Toilets

  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Availability: During open hours
  • Customer use only: Yes
  • Description:
    • Male and female accessible toilet cubicles are within the male and female toilets.
    • The accessible toilet contains a shower recess which has a 40mm step down.
    • The male and female accessible toilet cubicles have the same dimensions and layout.
  • Main entrance: A swing door 76cm wide with knob style handle is light to open and fast to close. This door opens into the hand basin area. A second gap 180cm wide leads to the accessible toilet entrance door. A change in direction is required.
  • Toilet door: There is a swing door 76cm wide, with knob style handle and large lock. It is light to open and fast to close.
  • Pan height: 42cm.
  • Handrails: Drop down rails are located on both sides of pan.
  • Basin height: 78cm.
  • Paper towel dispenser: Provided.
  • Lighting: On at all times.
Main door Basin in female toilets Pan Toilet layout
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  • The double door entrance is 90cm wide when one door is open.  It has a finger pull handle, is heavy to open and light to close.
  • The door is held open at the commencement and completion of services.
  • It is a large spacious area with rows of plastic chairs 45cm high with no armrests.  Chairs with armrests 48cm high are available at the rear of the church.
  • The chairs are arranged allowing for a wide central aisle.  The seating can be rearranged to allow spaces for wheelchairs.
  • There is a carpeted ramp to the stage. It is 110cm wide, narrowing to 90cm wide at one point, and is 4 metres long without handrails.  It has an average gradient of 1:13 with one change in direction.
Seating Entrance doors Ramp Seating with armrests
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Dining area
  • The dining area is located to the rear of the church.
  • The tables have central pedestal 72cm high with 69cm knee clearance and chairs 44cm high with no armrests.
  • The servery counter is 92cm high. 
  • A menu is displayed on the wall next to the servery and has clear print in good colour contrast.
  • The condiments table is at seated height.
Dining Area Menu near servery counter Servery counter and condiments table
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Creche and Craft rooms
  • The creche and craft rooms are located off a central corridor via double doors 76cm wide with one side open.  They have a knob style handle.
  • The creche door is 76cm wide with a knob style handle.
  • The craft room has a double door entry which is 68cm wide with one side open. 
Double door to corridor off which the creche and craft rooms are located
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Information collected by: Town of Victoria Park

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.