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The Gap and Natural Bridge, Torndirrup National Park, Albany

  • The Gap is a 24 metre chasm to the ocean and when the sea is rough, powerful sprays can be seen
  • The Natural Bridge is at the same site and is a large span of granite that has been eroded forming an archway, from which it gets its name
  • An accessible parking bay is near the main entrance to the paths leading to the attractions.
  • Closest accessible toilet is at Frenchman Bay about 7 kms away. Details of this toilet currently unavailable online
  • Park Entry fees do apply please follow the link for correct fees


    Telephone – 9842 4500

The Gap Natural Bridge
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Location (View Map)
Frenchman Bay Rd, Albany, WA 6330 Australia (about 18kms south of Albany)
Opening Hours
  • Opening  24 hours  unless there is an event that may put the public at risk.

  • 08 9844 4090
  • 08 9842 4500

Closest accessible parking

  • There is one designated accessible car parking bay located near the main entrance to the paths which lead to the attractions.
  • The bay is clearly identified by blue line markings and the access symbol.
  • Bays are outdoors with a bitumen surface.
  • The designated accessible bay is 3.1 metres wide and 5.2 metres long.
  • Vehicle access from: Frenchman Bay Road
  • Pedestrian access:
    • The parking bay is located adjacent to the head of the path which leads to the attraction.
    • Access to the path from the car parking area is level and unobstructed.
Car Park Car Parking Bay Access path from parking bay
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External access and entrance
The Gap
  • A winding concrete path about 140 mtrs long, links from the main car park to an elevated viewing platform overlooking The Gap.
  • The concrete path is very steep in sections with gradients up to 1:4.
  • At the end of the concrete path there is a timber bridge with a 10cm step providing a path across a rock crevice.
  • The last 20 metres to the lookout from this bridge is across the natural granite surface and is uneven, rough and steep in sections.
Natural Bridge
  • The path to the Natural Bridge is similar to the path to The Gap.
  • It is a concrete path, about 160 metres long, steep in sections with gradients of up to 1:4.
  • The last 20 metres of path to the lookout is across the natural surface of the granite which is uneven, rough and steep in sections.
Path to The Gap Timber bridge to The Gap Access over rocks to The Gap Access path Access path to Natural Bridge Access path to Natural Bridge
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Information collected by: Department of Environment and Conservation

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.