City of Bunbury

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery

  • The gallery is located in a historic building with upstairs and downstairs exhibition rooms
  • There is an accessible lift between the ground and upper floors
  • An accessible car bay is located nearby
  • Male and female accessible toilets onsite
  • Microphones are used for events
Art Gallery Office Entrance Gallery Entrance
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Location (View Map)
64 Wittenoom Street, Bunbury, WA 6230 Australia
Opening Hours
  • Office is open 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday
  • Gallery is open 10am until 4pm seven days a week
  • 08 9721 8616

  • Groups can call ahead to discuss special requirements including prearranging bus parking and group access.
  • Closest accessible parking bay is nearby in the Wellington Street Lower Level Parking.
  • The bay is adjacent to the gallery.
Closest accessible parking
Wellington Street Lower Level Accessible Parking Bay, Bunbury
External access and entrance
  • The approach to the gallery is via a wide concrete path that narrows to 76cm and has changes in direction. It links with a concrete ramp leading to the gallery entrance.
  • There are two ground floor entrances into the gallery. One entrance has steps and the other entrance has a ramp.
  • The main entrance has a wide, brushed concrete ramp that is approximately 6 metres long.
  • It has a gradient of 1:10 with no handrails.
  • Alternatively, there are four steps that have a handrail on one side, with colour contrasting edges.
Main Entrance
  • The main entrance has a double door entry that is 70cm wide when one door is open.
  • The door is light to open and slow to close with a lever handle.
  • There is a lip at the entrance.
Alternative Entrance
  • The alternative ground floor entrance also leads into an internal foyer and the door opening is 86cm wide.
Concrete Path Ramp Steps Main Entrance Alternative Entrance Bus Parking
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Internal area
Ground Floor Foyer
  • The main ground floor foyer is spacious with vinyl flooring and leads into the reception/volunteer area.
Reception/volunteer area
  • Located through a door 1 metre wide that is usually kept open.
  • The desk is at sitting height. Office style swivel chairs have armrests.
  • Located in the reception/volunteer area and leads to upstairs galleries.
  • Staircase has a landing at change of direction and a hand rail on one side.
  • It has colour contrasting step edges.
Upstairs foyer
  • The upstairs foyer has vinyl flooring and arm chairs with soft cushioning.
Ground Floor Foyer Reception Staircase Upstairs Foyer
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Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • Information and brochures are on display from low sitting height to high standing height on the ground level.
  • The printed information generally has easy to read font in good colour contrast.
  • Directional signage is provided and has good colour contrast with reasonably easy to read font in all capitals.
  • There is a directory board in the internal carpeted lobby next to the staircase.
  • It has easy to read font in good colour contrast in a reflective surface.
  • Display labels have large print and are at standing height.

Toilet: Bunbury Regional Art Gallery Female Accessible Toilet

  • Gender: Female
  • Description:
    •  Male accessible toilet is mirror image.
  • Signage: There is directional signage to the toilet from the main thoroughfare. The toilet cubicle is clearly identified with the access symbol.
  • External access: Access to the toilet is via the carpeted foyer from the Lower Gallery. There is a wide double door entry 85cm wide when one door is open. Doors have D handles and are heavy to open and fast to close. The toilet is located off a wide concrete corridor.
  • Main entrance: The female toilet has a swing door 76cm wide at the main entrance that is usually kept open. A corridor leading to the second doorway is 1.2 metres deep. The second door way from the corridor is 91cm wide with no door and opens into the female communal area.
  • Toilet door: The swing toilet door is 80cm wide with no handle. It has a sliding bolt lock. It is light to open and slow to close.
  • Handrails: Provided on one side.
  • Paper towel dispenser: Located outside of the toilet and is 1.2 metres high.
  • Lighting: Lighting is on at all times.
  • Emergency alarm: None provided.
  • Baby change table: Yes
  • Baby change table description: The baby change table is located in the corridor. It is 84cm high with a knee clearance of 80cm.
Toilet Entrance Corridor Toilet Door Toilet Basin Paper Towel Dispenser Baby Change Table Toilet Diagram
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Bunbury Regional Art Gallery Lift

  • Extenal Access
    • The lift is located through an internal carpeted foyer via the Lower Gallery.
    • Wide double entrance doors leading to the foyer are kept open during business hours. A second set of double doors has an automatic push button at sitting height. It opens one of the double doors creating an opening 84cm wide.
    • The lift has a wide double door entry and a spacious platform.
    Upper level foyer
    • The lift opens into an internal spacious carpeted foyer in the upper level. A slope with a gradient of 1:17 leads to double doors. The doors have an automatic push button control at sitting height that opens one of the doors. It is 84cm wide when open.
  • Levels serviced by lift: The lift provides access from the first floor to the second floor.
  • Assistance or independently operable: Passengers can operate the lift independently
  • External controls: The external control is at sitting height and illuminates when pressed.
  • Indicators of floor level: There is a visual display of floor level.
Lift Doors to Lift Automatic Door Signage
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Lower Gallery
  • The carpeted Lower Gallery is located through the reception/volunteer area. Entrance door is 90cm wide and kept open during business hours.
  • The gallery is level and spacious and seating is provided. Low armchairs have armrests with soft cushioning.
  • There is a wide, level entry into an internal foyer that leads to the lift area.
City Gallery
  • The spacious City Gallery is located on the ground floor off the internal foyer.
  • There is a wide level entry through concertina doors.
Lindsay Stout Gallery
  • The Lindsay Stout Gallery and has a wide, level entry off the City Gallery.
  • It is carpeted and spacious.
Chapel Gallery
  • The spacious Chapel Gallery has a carpeted floor with a long central tiled aisle.
  • It is located via the upstairs lift foyer. There is also an entrance via the upstairs staircase foyer, through a door 97cm wide that is kept open during business hours.
Gallery 4
  • Gallery is located upstairs through a wide doorway entrance. It is carpeted and spacious.
Lower Gallery City Gallery Lindsay Stout Gallery Chapel Gallery Gallery 4
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Upstairs entrance (Nun’s Walk)
  • The upstairs entrance is sometimes used for group bookings.
  • Large groups that use buses can prearrange bus parking with the gallery if required.
  • There are nearby street side parking bays that can be reserved, or alternative arrangements made for buses.
  • A concrete ramp approximately 8 metres long leads from the footpath. It has a gradient of 1:9 and a handrail on one side.
  • The ramp links with double gates 85cm wide when one gate is open.
  • The gates open into a spacious foyer with a wooden floor. The foyer has a gradient of 1:10 and a handrail is provided. The foyer leads through a doorway 1.1 metres wide with a handrail on one side.
  • The path leading from the foyer to the entrance has a gradient of 1:12 and is approximately 10 metres long.
  • There are also park benches along the path with backrests.
  • The entrance has a wide doorway with a lip at the entry. It opens into the upper level of the gallery.
Side Parking Ramp Foyer Gates Seating Entrance Door
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Information collected by: City of Bunbury

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.