City of Bunbury

Bunbury Bowls and Social Club

  • Club has a large function area with a dining and bar area as well as four bowling greens
  • Various weekly activities including Wednesday and Saturday afternoon cards, Monday night Bingo and Tuesday afternoon craft group
  • The club runs bowls six days a week and coaching is offered on Monday mornings
  • Two of the bowling greens have ramp access
  • There are two designated accessible parking bays on site
  • There is no designated accessible toilet on site. Toilets are fitted with a grab rail in most cubicles about 1.1 metres high. 
  • Closest accessible toilet is about 2km away at Big Swamp Picnic area, or at the nearby Bunbury Forum Shopping Centre
Bunbury Bowls Bowls Dining room
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Location (View Map)
72 Forrest Ave, Bunbury, WA 6230 Australia (Located near the corner of Blair Street)
Opening Hours
  • Club is open from 8am until 7pm seven days a week
  • Bar is open from 12:30pm until 7pm
  • 08 9721 3291 (phone is not always manned in the mornings)

Closest accessible parking

  • Two 5.1 metres long and 2.6 metres wide accessible parking bays are located near the main entrance.
  • There is no directional signage to the bays and the bays are not signed at the head or the side.
  • Bays are identified by blue line markings and the access symbol.
  • Bays are level with a bitumen surface which has some rocky/loose sections.
  • Vehicle access from: Blair Street
  • Pedestrian access:
    • There is a level shared pedestrian vehicle drive which leads to a kerb ramp between the bays and the footpath.
    • The kerb ramp is 1.5 metres wide, 40cm long and has a gradient of 1:4.
Accessible bay Kerb ramp
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  • Hall is hired out for functions
  • The public are welcome to come and watch bowls games
  • Four major annual bowls tournaments operate from the club
  • Corporate Bowls is run during summer
  • Non members can hire out bowls for a small charge per person
External access and entrance
  • The approach to the club is via a wide, paved path which narrows to 1.2 metres and has some changes in direction. It is generally level and is approximately 30 metres from the car park to the main entrance.
  • The path links with the wide entrance corridor which is sheltered. It has a rubber mat covering the tiled floor.
  • There are double swing doors 79 cm wide when one door is open. It is light to open and fast to close with a lever handle.
  • There is a short steep ramp at the door threshold that is 22 cm long and has a gradient of 1:3.
Path Covered walkway Ramp
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Internal area
Dining Area
  • Spacious dining area has a wooden floor and a tea and coffee kiosk.
  • Tables are long with corner legs and a re 74 cm high with 69 cm knee clearance. Chairs have firm cushioning and do not have arm rests.
  • There are wide aisles with space to reach the kiosk, which is 92 cm high.
Bar area
  • The carpeted bar area is located through a wide, level entry. Concertina doors are generally kept open.
  • The area is spacious and has long, rectangular tables with corner style legs. Tables are 72 cm high with 67 cm knee clearance.
  • Chairs have firm cushioning with arm rests. There is space to approach the 1.1 metre high bar.
Dining area Kiosk Bar
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Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • The signage has large, clear print in good colour contrast. Some signage has a reflective surface which may be difficult to see from some angles.
  • There are notice boards throughout the club with general notices pinned at heights ranging from 1.1 to 2 metres.
Equipment for people with disabilities
  • The club has an Arm Extension available to trial which helps with bowling as the user does not have to bend.
Closest accessible toilet
Big Swamp Picnic Area Accessible Toilet, Bunbury


Greens A and B
  • The greens are located through double swing doors 79 cm wide when one door is open. It is light to open and slow to close and has a lever handle. There is a lip at door way and a short steep ramp 25 cm long with a gradient of 1:2.
  • The door opens to a tiled, sheltered foyer which links with a paved, level walkway leading to the greens.
Green A
  • Green A has level entry to the paths along its perimeter.
  • There is a 1.4 metre long and 1.2 metre wide ramp down to the green with a gradient of 1:6.
  • There are benches placed regularly along the perimeter with one row of benches sheltered.
Green B
  • Green B has a gentle slope at entry. Entrance is 1.1 metres wide.
  • There is ramp access to one perimeter path.
  • The ramp is paved and has a gradient of 1:12. It is 1.2 metres wide and 1.8 metres long.
  • Beyond the ramp, the path narrows to 55 cm. There is a green section along side the paved path that provides extra space.
  • There is a step entry to the other perimeter path. Step edges are colour contrasted.
  • There are benches placed regularly along the perimeter with one row of benches sheltered.
Door entry Greens Path Ramp
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Greens C and D
  • There are three steps at entry which have colour contrasting step edges. There are handrails on both sides.
  • There is a 30cm step down to the green with no handrails.
  • The paved path along the perimeter is 1.5 metres wide which narrows to 1 metre in some sections.
  • There are benches placed regularly along the perimeters, some of which are sheltered.
Steps Greens Benches
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Information collected by: City of Bunbury

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.