City of Bunbury

Koombana Bay Sailing Club, Bunbury

  • The Koombana Bay Sailing Club is licensed and has function and bar facilities available to club members
  • Venue hire is also available to the public and is used for various events including weddings, seminars and birthdays
  • There is a ramp entry and spacious function areas within
  • The Rotary Sail into Life program operates from the boat shed and jetty during sailing season
  • Two Beach Trekker wheelchairs are available from the club boat shed, with bookings managed by Enable Southwest
  • There is one accessible parking bay and accessible toilet onsite with a baby change table
  • Sail into Life web page is
Sailing Club Jetty
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Location (View Map)
Koombana Drive, Bunbury, WA 6230 Australia (Located on Anchorage Cove off Koombana Drive)
Opening Hours
  • Friday night members social bar from 4:30pm until 8pm all year around
  • Sailing season is from October until March with Saturday sailing from 10am until 6pm. Bar is open on Saturdays until 8pm
  • Wednesday night twilight sailing is from 4:30pm until 8pm during November through to March
  • Venue hire available throughout the year
  • The Rotary Sail into Life program operates fortnightly during sailing season on Saturdays or Sundays
  • 08 9791 3914 (Koombana Bay Sailing Club)
  • 08 9792 7500 (Enable Southwest manage bookings for the Sail Into Life program and the Beach Trekker Wheelchairs)

Closest accessible parking

  • There is one 3.1 metres wide and 5 metres long accessible bay located at the main entrance.
  • Bay is signed at the head of the bay and identified by blue line markings and the access symbol. Bay has a level surface.
  • There is a ‘no parking’ bay next to the accessible bay which creates extra space. This may allow greater ease of transfer into and out of the vehicle for some wheelchair users.
  • Vehicle access from: Anchorage Cove
  • Pedestrian access:
    • There is a level surface between the bay and the entrance ramp.
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External access and entrance
  • The approach to the sailing club entrance is via a ramp 1.5 metres wide that narrows to 1.1 metres wide.
  • It is about 6 metres long and has an average gradient of 1:19.
  • Alternatively there are three steps with handrails on both sides leading to the entrance. Steps have colour contrasting edges with faded white paint.
  • There are double doors 81 cm wide when one door is open which is heavy to open and fast to close. Door has a D handle and is usually held open during business hours.
  • There is a small lip at doorway.
Access Steps Entrance doors
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Internal area
  • Spacious entrance foyer with a tiled floor which leads through a second set of double doors.
  • One door is usually held open during business hours creating a gap of 82 cm. It has a D handle and is heavy to open and fast to close.
Dining area
  • There spacious dining area has a carpeted floor.
  • The moveable tables are round. They are 73 cm high with 71 cm knee clearance.
  • Plastic dining chairs do not have armrests.
Bar and Counter
  • The ordering counter and bar is 1 metre high.
  • The kitchen counter is over a tiled floor adjacent to the dining area and is 86cm high. There is ample space to approach the counter.
Foyer Dining area Bar
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Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • Signage throughout the sailing club has clear print in good colour contrast.
Picnic facilities
Boat Shed area
  • The concrete path near the Boat Shed has a left to right camber with an average gradient of 1:19.
  • There is a wooden picnic table located at the Boat Shed where people wait during the Sail into Life program. It has fixed bench seats on either side and space at either end for wheelchairs. It is 79 cm high with 76 cm knee clearance, and is set over a concrete pad.
Path Boat Shed Table Door Jetty Pontoon
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Jetty access
Jetty and Boat Shed Area
External Access
  • The jetty and Boat Shed are accessed via a concrete path that is approximately 40 metres from the sailing club.
  • The path has some uneven sections due to sand and grass. It is 1.8 metres wide and narrows to 1.3 metres in some sections and is generally level.
  • A concrete ramp leads from the Boat Shed down to the jetty with an average gradient of 1:10. It does not have handrails.
  • The jetty has a wooden decking surface with gaps approximately 1.5 cm wide. It has a gentle slope at the start of the jetty. It has handrails on both sides of the wooden decking section.
  • The jetty is approximately 30 metres long and 1.5 metres wide and narrows to one metre wide.
  • The end section of the jetty has a porous concrete surface with some uneven sections. This section has a handrail on one side and cannot be accessed by wheelchairs.
  • There is an adjacent pontoon that has a U shape and is 1.2 metres wide. It is accessed by a ladder or a hoist.
  • The Rotary Sail into Life Program sails from the jetty and adjacent pontoon. The hoist is in operation during the Sail into Life Program and is operated by attendants.
  • People participating in the program who have mobility difficulties are assisted into the sailing boats from the pontoon.
Equipment for people with disabilities
  • There are two Beach Trekker wheelchairs and specialised sailing boats stored in the Boat Shed for the Rotary Sail into Life program.
  • The Beach Trekker wheelchairs can be booked at no charge through Enable South West. They are usually used for Koombana Bay and Jetty Baths but requests for other locations may be considered by Enable Southwest.
  • They are specially adapted to be able to travel over sand and through water with an assistant or carer present. They have mesh backing which is designed to be taken into beach environment.
  • The Rotary Sail into Life program is also booked through Enable Southwest.
Beach Wheelchairs Boat Sailing Hoist Beach Wheelchair
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Toilet: Koombana Bay Sailing Club Accessible Toilet

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Availability: During opening hours of the Koombana Bay Sailing Club
  • Description:
    • The information below relates to the unisex accessible toilet, located inside the Koombana Bay Sailing Club.
  • Signage: There is no directional signage to the toilet, however it can be seen from the main dining area. The unisex accessible toilet is clearly identified.
  • External access: The toilet is located directly off the main function area.
  • Main entrance: To enter the unisex accessible toilets there are double doors 1.1 metres wide that are kept open. These open into a small corridor 2.2 metres deep.
  • Toilet door: The swing cubicle door is 87 cm wide which is heavy to open and fast to close with a knob handle.
  • Pan height: 48 cm
  • Handrails: Provided.
  • Basin height: 78 cm
  • Lighting: Light on at all times
  • Baby change table: Yes
  • Baby change table description: A folding baby change table that can be set aside if required. It is 76 cm high. The change table is set up in the shower recess.
  • Shower: A level entry shower recess with grab rails and a height adjustable shower hose that is wall mounted. There is no shower bench. The baby change table is set up in the shower recess.
Main entrance Door Cubicle Basin Change Table Toilet layout
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Function Area
  • The function area is located adjacent to the dining area and has a timber floor.
  • It has a wide, level entry with the option of closing concertina doors to make the room divided and enclosed from the dining area.
Function area
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  • The office is located through a door 89 cm wide that is generally held open.
  • The office counter is 93 cm high. Information is presented from sitting to standing height.
  • Information has small clear print on a white background.
Exit door
  • There is door 1.1 metres wide leading from the office to the external paved area. This door is generally held open.
  • It has a 7cm step at the threshold. A path leads from this exit to the Boat Shed and jetty.
Office Door
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Information collected by: City of Bunbury

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.