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Dolphin Discovery Centre, Bunbury

  • The Dolphin Discovery Centre offers Eco Cruises to see the dolphins, swimming cruises to swim with the dolphins and has an interaction zone at the beach where dolphins visit
  • The centre also offers a Digital Dolphinarium, discovery pool and interative information. 
  • There is a café and gift shop on site
  • Three beach wheelchairs available
  • Two accessible parking bays and an accessible unisex toilet on site 
  • Companion card is accepted
  • Centre has a separate entrance and exit.
Centre Lookout Path Shower
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Location (View Map)
Koombana Drive, Bunbury, WA 6230 Australia (Located on Koombana Drive next to Koombana Beach)
Opening Hours
  • October to May 8am until 4pm (closed Christmas Day)
  • June to September 9am until 2pm
  • 08 9791 3088

Closest accessible parking

  • There are two 3.8 metres wide and 5.2 metres long accessible parking bays located near the main entrance. One of the bays has a gentle slope.
  • Bays are identified by blue line markings and the access symbol.
  • Vehicle access from: Koombana Drive
  • Pedestrian access:
    • There is a ramp that has a gradient of 1:9 leading from Bay 1 to the paved footpath. The path then leads across the vehicle driveway.
    • Alternatively there is the shared vehicle and pedestrian driveway between the bays and the footpath.
Set down bay Accessible bays Path
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  • The Dolphin Eco Cruise is a boat cruise approximately 1 to 1.5 hours for dolphin watching.
  • Entry to the boat for people who use wheelchairs can be arranged from the jetty at Casuarina Harbour. It is requested that four hours notice is provided so this can be arranged with the Dolphin Discovery Centre.
Pick up / set down bay
  • There is no designated bay however there is a level bus bay that can be used as a pick up and set down bay close to the entrance.
Pedestrian access
  • There is a level vehicle driveway between the bay and the footpath.
External access and entrance
  • The approach to the centre is via a paved path approximately 1.2 meters wide which narrows to 1 metre. The path has a gentle slope.
  • The path leads to a ticket booth located near the front entrance. The ticket booth counter is 1 metre high.
  • From the ticket booth the path leads to a paved switchback ramp with landings at each change of direction.
  • The ramp provides access to the entrance of the Dolphin Discovery Centre kiosk and interactive learning centre. It is 1.1 meters wide and about 10 meters long with hand rails on both sides.
  • The ramp has a gradient of 1:16.
  • There are alternatively four paved steps with a central handrail leading to the entrance of the interactive learning centre and kiosk.
  • The steps do not have colour contrasting edges
  • There are double swing doors 83cm wide when one door is open. They have a D handle and are light to open and slow to close.
  • Exit from the centre is from the Gift Shop through double doors 78 cm wide when one door is open.  It is heavy to open and fast to close with a D handle.
  • Ramp from exit is 1.8 metres wide and 2.9 metres long with exposed aggregate surface.  It has a gradient of 1:15 and no handrails.
  • Ramp changes direction and narrows to 1.1 metres wide and is approximately 10 metres long.  It has an average gradient of 1:15 with a handrail on one side.
Ticket booth Counter Switchback ramp Steps Entrance doors
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Internal area
  • Spacious kiosk includes a counter which services the outdoor café from a side entrance. It also has free standing information displays.
  • Kiosk provides access to the theatre room, aquarium room, Digital Dolphinarium, Gift Shop and centre exit.  It contains wide aisles and entry ways to the adjoining rooms.
  • A microscope is provided on a table that is 74 cm high with 70cm clearance. Magnified images from the microscope are displayed on a large TV screen.
Side Entry to Kiosk
  • Kiosk side entry near café is through double swings doors 89 cm when one door is open. Door is heavy to open and fast to close and has a D handle.
  • Ample internal circulation space and room to approach counter. Counter is 1.1 metres high.
  • Food is displayed in glass fronted cabinet from sitting height. Some desserts are displayed on top of cabinet.
Cabinet Kiosk Microscope
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Signage, customer displays and customer information
Directional signage
  • The directional signage has large clear print with good colour contrast. Arrows are provided.
Information & displays
  • Free standing display boards have information at a variety of heights from 40 cm to 1.7 metres high. There is large clear print on a blue background. One of the displays also has coloured print on a clear background with a reflective surface.
  • Information brochures are displayed from sitting to standing height. One brochure display is located outside of the kiosk along a corridor. It has a narrow approach due to surrounding furniture.
  • Some printed information is located inside the kiosk from sitting height. Information ranges from small to large print that is generally clear and in good colour contrast.
  • A touch screen is provided at sitting height in the kiosk. It has clear print and spacious approach. 
Directory Board
  • The Directory Board with infomation about interacting with wild dolphins is located in the outdoor café outside the side entrance of the kiosk.
  • It has moderate colour contrast with white print on a blue background. Handwritten print is more difficult to read and is placed on a reflective surface, which may be difficult to see from some angles.
Cafe, dining and food outlet
  • The café is located outdoors over a spacious paved area. Customers seat themselves and place their orders and pay at the counter indoors.
  • Staff are flexible and will come to people in wheelchairs to take their orders if required.
  • The café area has wide aisles with ample room to move between the tables.
  • There are a range of standard height tables provided.
  • Some are square with low central pedestals while others are long with corner legs. There are also picnic style tables and bench seating with space at each end to accommodate a wheelchair.
  • Metal dining chairs have firm cushioning without armrests.
  • Menu has small, clear print in good colour contrast. It is black on white background with a reflective surface which may be difficult to see from some angles.
  • Signage has clear, large print with good colour contrast on a reflective surface
Cafe area Cafe Cafe tables
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Path through attraction
  • A wide path with a rocky concrete surface travels through the centre.

To Interaction Zone and Beach Lookout

  • There is a small hill in the path with a gradient of 1:17 as it approaches lookout.
  • Path continues down to a paved ramp with a gradient of 1:8 and connects to a looking platform. Ramp has uneven surfaces.
  • The looking platform is sheltered with umbrellas and has a wooden decking surface which is also sandy.
To Beach
  • A wooden ramp leads down to beach and interaction zone. It has an average gradient of 1:7 with uneven surfaces and gaps between timber decking.
  • For people wanting to use beach wheelchairs, assistance can be requested at ticket entry.
To Shower
  • A ramp with a gradient of 1:6 leads off the path to a shower set on a wide concrete surface.
Equipment for people with disabilities
  • One beach trekker wheelchair and two older versions of the trekker wheelchair available for hire at no charge. Wheelchair transfers usually take place at the kiosk.
  • The beach trekker wheelchair can enter the water to get a closer look at dolphins.
  • There is a touch pool at low height.
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Toilet: Dolphin Discovery Centre Unisex Accessible Toilet

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Signage: There is no directional signage to the toilet outside, but there is signage from inside the centre. The unisex accessible toilet does not display the access symbol.
  • External access: The toilet is located outside off a 1.1 meter wide paved path with some changes in direction. The pathway has a gradient ranging from 1:11 to 1:14.
  • Toilet door: The sliding cubicle door is 85 cm wide and has a D handle. It is light to open and slow to close.
  • Pan height: 45 cm
  • Handrails: Provided on one side
  • Basin height: 83 cm
  • Paper towel dispenser: 1.3 metres high
  • Lighting: Automatic
  • Shower: A level entry shower recess with grab rails. Wall mounted fixed height shower hose with no bench provided.
Toilet door Cubicle Shower recess Toilet layout
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Aquarium Room
  • Located directly off kiosk through a wide, level entry with no door.
  • The tiled room has a range of displays including visual TV displays, a number of free standing aquariums, and a touch pool at low height.
  • The room is spacious with wide aisles. Touch pool is 70 cm high with 25cm reach to pool.
  • TV screens are at heights of 1.3, 1.6 and 1.8 metres. Some printed information is stored on top of TV screens. Captioning is not available.
  • Signage has large clear print with good colour contrast and reflective surfaces which may be difficult to see from some angles.
  • Aquariums are at sitting height.
Aquariums Touch Pool Aquarium
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Gift Shop
  • Located at one end of the aquarium room and extends down a corridor.
  • Stock is on display from sitting to standing height. Shop has wide aisles.
  • Counter is 1.2 metres high.
Shop Shop corridor
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Digital Dolphinarium
  • Located directly off the kiosk with a wide, level entry with no door.
  • There is a wide corridor leading to the Dolphinarium with a lino floor. Corridor is darkened with no colour contrasting fixtures.
  • Corridor changes direction to enter room. Entry is 1 metre wide and level.
  • Room is circular with handrails. There is a screen surrounding the room displaying a range of dolphin events including feeding, birthing and shark attacks.
  • Audience stands in the room for the experience. There is one chair provided which is plastic with arm rests and of standard height.
Digital Dolphinarium
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Theatre Room
  • Located directly off the kiosk with double swing doors at entry. One door is held open during business hours creating a gap of 77cm.
  • The carpeted room plays four dolphin and whale short videos. Captioning is not available.
  • Moveable plastic chairs with arm rests are provided for audience viewing. Chairs have arm rests.
  • There are two bench seats without armrests located against the back wall.
  • There are spaces for about two adult wheelchairs at the rear of the room. It is recommended those requiring extra space discuss with staff at booking or arrival.
Theatre door Theatre room
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Cetacean Research Unit and Volunteer Unit
  • Seven steps without handrails lead to the research unit. Alternatively there is a concrete ramp with a change in direction and no handrails.
  • The ramp has an average gradient of 1:14. It becomes a wooden switchback ramp at the top with an average gradient of 1:12.
  • The ramp is wide at its base and narrows to 1.2 metres.
  • Steps and ramps lead to wooden decked verandah.
  • Entry to the unit is via a sliding door that is 79 cm wide. It has a 5cm step at the door threshold.
  • The handle is finger grip and 1.2 metres high. Door is light to open and slow to close.
  • The internal space is carpeted and spacious.
Research Unit Ramp Switchback Door
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Information collected by: City of Bunbury

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.