City of Greater Geraldton

Rundle Park, St Georges Beach, Geraldton

  • Park has both Male and Female accessible toilets
  • One Accessible parking bay provided
  • Access to toilets via brick paved threshold ramp from roadway
  • Shaded Rotunda and playground with benches
  • Playground and beach accessible via grass
Rundle Park access to facilities
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Location (View Map)
Lot 1372 Cecily St, Bluff Point, WA 6530 Australia
Opening Hours
  • Dawn to dusk
  • 08 9956 6600

Closest accessible parking

  • Accessible bitumen parking bay, clearly marked by blue symbol on the ground
  • Located in front of the grass park opposite the toilet block
  • Flat level 3m wide and 5m long
  • Vehicle access from: Kempton Street

External access and entrance
  • Access to park is via grassed area
  • Access to the beach is via grass or boat ramp north of the park
  • The boat ramp is 200m from the accessible parking bay
  • The boat ramp is 7m wide with a gradient 1:10 top to bottom
Picnic facilities
  • Picnic area approx. 5m from the accessible parking bay
  • Picnic areas only accessible via grass
  • Rotunda without a table is located on grassed area
Picnic area picnic area
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Play area
  • Park benches at the playground are shaded by trees
  • Children's slides and swings
Play equipment Play equipment
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  • 2 gas BBQ's available with controls 50 cm high
  • Adjacent working surface is 95cm high
  • Lighting is in the carpark, not in the playground or park

Toilet: Accessible toilet Rundle Park

  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Availability: Dawn to dusk
  • Description:
    • Accessible male and female toilets mirror image
    • Access to toilets via brick paved threshold ramp from roadway
  • Signage: Directional and informational, good colour contrast, access symbol
  • External access: 1m brick paved path leading to toilets
  • Main entrance: 1.2m swing gate usually open
  • Toilet door: Inward swing door 80cm wide.
  • Pan height: 45cm
  • Handrails: Side and rear of pan
  • Basin height: 85cm
  • Lighting: Daylight
  • Cost: No charge
  • Shower: Level tiled, easy access
Male Toilet Shower Toilet Accessible toilet diagram Rundle Park
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Information collected by: City of Greater Geraldton

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.