City of Bunbury

Bunbury Ten Pin Bowl and Family Fun Centre

  • A bowling centre with indoor playground and children's party rooms
  • Centre provides bowling ball ramps for people using wheelchairs or mobility aids as well as bowling balls with retractable handles for people with reduced strength
  • Three accessible parking bays on site
  • Accessible toilet and parents room with two baby change tables on site
Bowling Centre
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Location (View Map)
136 Strickland Street, Bunbury, WA 6230 Australia
Opening Hours
  • Weekdays 10am until 8pm
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10am until 9pm
  • Sunday 10am until 5pm
  • 08 9791 2233

Closest accessible parking

  • There are three level accessible parking bays located near the main entrance.
  • Bays are signed at the head of the bay and have blue line markings with the access symbol.
  • Two of the bays are 3 metres wide and 5 metres long and the other bay is 2.8 metres wide and 5 metres long.
  • Pedestrian access:
    • A level vehicle and pedestrian shared driveway between the bays and the footpath.
Accessible Bays
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External access and entrance
  • The approach to the Centre from the parking is via pedestrian and vehicle shared vehicle driveway which leads to a 1.7 metres wide concrete ramp without handrails and a gradient ranging from 1:6 to 1:34. 
  • Two steps without a handrail or colour contrasting edges provide an alternative access.
  • The ramp and the steps lead to a spacious, paved, covered entrance.

  • Double doors 84 cm wide when one door is open which are heavy to open and fast to close lead to a spacious, paved foyer and another set of double doors.
  • The second set of double doors is also 84cm wide when one door is open and heavy to open and fast to close. Both doors have D handles.
Ramp Entrance doors
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Internal area
  • Spacious foyer with a carpeted floor and seating including fixed swivel chairs without armrests and fixed tables with 72cm clearance.
  • Information forms are on display at standing height. Staff assistance is available if required.
  • Service counter used for café and bowling centre orders and payments, as well as general customer service is at standing height at 1.2 metres high.
  • A 1 metre wide carpeted ramp travels around the service counter and has a gradient of 1:14.
  • Customers place their orders and pay at the counter and then seat themselves.
  • The café area has fixed tables and swivel chairs without armrests with a 72cm clearance under the tables.
  • Space within the dining area is restricted by the arrangement of tables and chairs, however there is space at the end of some of the tables for a wheelchair.
  • Staff can make arrangements to seat those requiring additional space in a convenient location. It is recommended you identify your needs on booking or arrival.
  • The blackboard menu has large, clear, handwritten print.
Bowling Area

  • There is a carpeted area with standard tables and dining chairs as well as benches and stools in front of the bowling area. 
  • A wooden pathway leads to the bowling and ball returns area. The level pathway is 97cm wide at its narrowest point.
  • There is computerised scoring overhead as well as a ball returns area that has space for manoeuvring.
Scoring and Seating Area

  • A step leads down to the Scoring and Seating area that has tables and chairs placed closely together that restrict space.
Service Counter Ramp Bowling area Bowling alley
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Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • Directional signage has large, clear print in good colour contrast on a matt surface.
  • The information material produced by the centre is predominately clear and fancy print in varying colour contrast. Some print is small and some is large.
Equipment for people with disabilities
  • The centre provides bowling ball ramps for adults and children using wheelchairs or mobility aids and bowling balls with retractable handles for people with reduced strength.
Bowling Ball ramp Bowling ball ramp other Bowling ramps stacked
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Toilet: Bunbury Ten Pin Bowl and Family Fun Centre Female Accessible Toilet

  • Gender: Female
  • Description:
    • The information below relates to the female accessible toilet, located in the female toilets. The male toilet does not have a fully accessible toilet, however it does provide handrails in one of the cubicles.  Staff at the Bowling Centre direct all patrons requiring an accessible toilet to use the accessible toilet located within the female toilets.
  • Signage: There is directional signage to the toilets. The female accessible toilet is within the female toilets and is not clearly identified with signage.
  • External access: The toilets are located at the end a 92cm wide corridor leading from the main foyer.
  • Main entrance: To enter the female toilets there is a swing door 77 cm wide which is heavy to open and fast to close with a D handle that opens into the female communal area.
  • Toilet door: The swing cubicle door is 82 cm wide which is light to open and slow to close. It has a D handle and a sliding bolt lock.
  • Pan height: 49 cm
  • Handrails: Provided
  • Basin height: 84 cm
  • Lighting: Light on at all times
External Access Toilet cubicle Toilet layout
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Indoor Playground
  • A 97cm wide swing door with a 1.4 metres high D Handle leads to the fun centre, which has a carpeted and vinyl floor.
  • There is split level dining beginning with a spacious area on vinyl floor with bench tables and seats. There is space at the ends of the tables for a wheelchair and clearance of 70cm.
  • There are two steps leading to the counter located near the bench tables.
  • A step leads down to the carpeted dining area where space is restricted due to arrangement of tables and chairs.
  • Two further steps lead down to the playground area which as a spring-loaded gate entry that is 73cm wide with a fast return.
  • The playground has a bouncy castle, toddler play area, tunnel maze and slide and computer games.
Fun Centre entry Split level dining
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Children’s Party Rooms
  • Two carpeted children’s party rooms are located off the main foyer with a 79cm gap entrance.
  • They have standard trestle style tables with 69cm clearance and standard plastic seats with no armrests.
Games Area
  • The Games area is located off the main foyer and has pool tables and table hockey, as well as games machines.
  • There is a water fountain provided 1.1 metres high.
Pool tables
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Parenting Room
  • The carpeted Parenting Room is located off the main entrance through a 75 cm wide door with a knob handle.
  • The room has two baby change tables sitting on a large table, which has 67 cm clearance underneath.
  • Two chairs with firm cushioning and armrests are provided, as well as soap and paper towels.
  • The light switch is 1.4 metres high.
Parenting Room
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Information collected by: City of Bunbury

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.