Shire of Busselton

Forte Cape View Apartments

  • An accomodation faciliity with one unit designed to be accessible for people with disabilities
  • The non-smoking unit is self contained and sleeps 5
  • Two bedrooms have queen size beds that can be split into twin beds. The third bedroom has a single bed
  • One bathroom has access facilities. The ensuite bathroom is not accessible
  • There are 2 parking bays per unit, one is undercover
  • The on-site playground and free gas bbq facilities on site can be accessed via a path
Location (View Map)
1/12 Little Colin Street, Broadwater, WA 6280 Australia (Entry off Bussell Highway)
Opening Hours
  •   Reception open 8.30am - 4.30pm
  • 08 9755 4388

Pick up / set down bay
  • There is a parking bay outside reception or you can park on the verge outside reception.
  • The unit has 2 brick paved parking spaces.  Both bays are reasonably level.
  • One bay is undercover.  This bay is 3.1 metres wide and 5.7 metres long. The clearance height is 2.5 metres.
  • The outside bay is 4.3 metres wide and 5.7 metres long.
Bays at front of unit Kerb to driveway Parking outside reception
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External access and entrance
  • The kerb linking the road to the path/driveway to reception has a gradient steeper than 1:8.
  • The path/driveway to the reception door is paved and level.
  • Reception has a 1 metre wide glass sliding door with a 'D' handle. It is heavy to open and slow to close.
  • The approach space to the door handle is from the outside is limited (14cm).  It is sufficient inside.  
  • The sliding door runner has a 4cm lip on both sides of it.  
Path/driveway to reception
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Internal area
  • Reception area has a tiled floor with a carpet  mat.  
  • The reception counter is at standing height. 
  • Brochures are displayed from sitting to standing height. 
  • Staff can assist to carry bags etc if required.  
Reception counter Counter and brochure display
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Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • Large sign visable from the main road.
  • Signage is clear and has a good colour contrast,
Path through attraction
  • Several paved paths link venue accomodation to facilities. There are also level bitument roadways.
Play area
  • A path links to the playground area and bbqs. The area is grassy, level and shaded. 
  • There is a brick retaining wall around play equipment area. The play equipment is standard and has sand under it.
Path to playground and bbq's Path to bbq's and playground Playground Bbq's
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  • Two free gas bbq's are available at the playground area.
  • A bitumen road links the unit to the path via a kerb with a gradient steeper than 1:8. The paved path is 1.2 metres wide. There is a short grassed section you need to go over to use the bbq facilities.
  • The area has a 76cm high table with 40cm high bench seating.   It also has a park bench. 

Accommodation Room / Unit

Room name
Accessible Self Contained Unit
  • This self contained unit sleeps five.
  • Two bedrooms have queen size beds that can be separated into twin beds.
  • There is also a single bedroom.
  • There are two bathrooms. One is an ensuite which is not accessible and the other is a shared bathroom which is accessible
  • Washer and dryer are behind two wooden bi-fold doors with knob handles. Washing machine and trough height is 88cm and the dryer is placed higher. 
  • The unit is spacious with space for wheelchair users to access the kitchen, dining, lounge and courtyard areas.
  • Tea and coffee facilities are reachable for wheelchair users.
  • Bench tops are at standing height.
  • Circulation space in the kitchen is 1 metre wide. 
  • Dining table is large with knee clearance of 64cm. There is 78cm between the dining table legs.
  • Lounge area is spacious. Lounge seating is 43 cm high. It has soft backrests with firm armrests. 
  • There is a paved coutyard with an outdoor setting. The courtyard is off the lounge through an 80cm wide glass sliding door. Door has a 'D' handle and a 5cm step. 
  • The unit has a 82cms wide swing door and is slow to close.
  • The door has key entry and a lever handle. 
  • The handle side of the door has 98cm approach space outside and 87 inside. 
The bed is made up of two singles on castors that join as a queen bed. The bed is firm and 57cm high. There is 10cm space under the bed.
Clear space under bed
Combined bathroom toilet
Bathroom door
  • A swing door that is light to open and slow to close
  • The width is 84cm with a knob handle and a small lock
    • Level access with wall mounted fold down shower seat
  • Shower level access: Yes
  • Coat hook: Coat hooks at standing height
  • Description:
    •   The toilet is combined with the bathroom 
  • Door: Manual
  • Pan height: 46cm
  • Basin: Basin is 78cm high with knee clearance
Entry to unit Kitchen Dining area Lounge Area Lounge Area Laundry facilities Queen bedroom Space between bed and wall Shower Toilet and handrails Basin Accessible Bathroom Floor Plan Sliding door to courtyard Coutyard
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Information collected by: Shire of Busselton

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.