City of Bunbury

Bunbury Regional/City Library

  • A community library that offers a range of facilities and services, including large print and audio books, accessible library catalogues and internet access 
  • One accessible parking bay and accessible unisex toilet on site 
Library Entrance
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Location (View Map)
Parkfield Street, Bunbury, WA 6230 Australia
Opening Hours
  • 9:30am - 8pm Mondays and Thursdays
  • 9:30am - 5:30pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • 9am - 12pm Saturdays
  • Closed Sunday
  • 08 9792 7190

Closest accessible parking

  • One 3.1 metres wide and 4.2 metres long accessible parking bay in the upper street level parking behind the library, near pathway to library. 
  • The bay is clearly identified with blue line markings and the accesss symbol at the head of the bay.
  • Vehicle access from: Parkfield Street (upper)
Accessible parking bay
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  • Home delivery service
  • Computer, internet and WiFi access.  Laptop access.  Computing classes for seniors.
  • Electronic resources including online databases and encyclopedias
  • Story reading and creative play for preschoolers
  • Photocopying
Pick up / set down bay
  • Spacious loading zone next to the accessible parking bay that could be used as a pick up / set down bay.  It has a paved service and is unmarked.
External access and entrance
  • The library is approached via a forecourt / loading bay area that has a paved surface with some lips.
  • A level pathway leads through three wide entrance points.
Main Entrance (Upper ground level)

  • Level entry through 1.8 metres wide automatic double doors into the carpeted foyer. 
  • An accessible toilet, lift and interior steps are located in the foyer. 
  • The return shoot is also in the foyer.  It is at standing height with a 38 cm deep ledge that must be leant over to reach it. The return shoot is 25cm above the ledge.
  • Another set of wide automatic double doors lead from the foyer into the library.
Lower ground level entrance

  • A paved pathway on the far side of the entry steps links from the streetside and shopping centre.
  • Alternatively, two wide steps with handrails lead to the entrance doors.
  • Wide level entry through automatic double doors into foyer area.  Lift and stairway to upper level. 
  • Stairs have handrails and colour contrasting edges and change direction at a landing in the middle.
Entrance lower street level Upper street level entrance Return shoot in foyer
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Internal area
  • Spacious open plan library with a carpeted floor.  Aisles also provide ample circulation space.
  • Loans counter has a sitting height section.  Enquiries/membership desk is at sitting height. Chairs have firm seats and armrests.
  • Variety of seating provided including low lounge chairs, and chairs with and without armrests.
  • Public access computers are on round and square desks with knee clearance between 68 to 70cm. Chairs are swivel office style with armrests.
  • Library catalogue is accessed from fixed computers at sitting height with knee clearance space provided.
  • Books are displayed from floor to standing height. 
Dining Area
  • A spacious dining area is located directly off the main library area with round tables that have a central pedestal and chairs with firm surface without armrests
  • There is a self serve hot drinks machine with controls at standing height and a dispenser at sitting height
  • There is a cool drinks dispenser with controls that range from sitting to standing height with a dispenser at a low level close to the ground
Internal area Enquiries Desk Loans Desk Internal aisles and desks
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Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • Library signage is in various sizes with reasonable colour contrast.  Aisle signs have black print on a grey background with a reflective surface that may be difficult to see from some angles.
  • Information and promotional material is in various formats including on flat screen TVs, brochures and pamphlets displayed at sitting height  Most information can be obtained from Enquiries desk.
Equipment for people with disabilities
  • Hand basket trolleys
  • Home delivery service
  • CCTV, which is used to magnify print to sizes that suit the viewer
  • Large print books
  • Audio books on cassette, CD, MP3 players, and Playaway.  Own headphones need to be provided for Playaway

Toilet: Bunbury Regional/City Library unisex accessible toilet

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Signage: The unisex accessible toilet is clearly identified
  • External access: The toilet is located down a wide corridor in the main entrance foyer. Patrons must turn right to enter the toilet
  • Toilet door: The swing cubicle door is 81cm wide and is heavy to open and fast to close. It has a lever handle and a small lock.
  • Pan height: 50cm
  • Handrails: Provided
  • Basin height: 80cm
  • Lighting: Light is movement activated
  • Baby change table: Yes
  • Baby change table description: A wall mounted, fold down baby change table with the handle 1.3 metres high. The table is 1 metre high when unfolded.
Entrance door Cubicle Basin Full cubicle view Change table Toilet layout
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Bunbury Regional/City Library Accessible Lift

  • Lift is in the foyer.
  • Levels serviced by lift: lower ground level with street level parking library entrance, and the upper ground level, which houses the library
  • Assistance or independently operable: Customers can use the lift independently and staff are available to assist if required.
  • External controls: The controls are at sitting height and illuminate when pressed.
  • Door type: The lift is single entry type with automatic opening doors.
  • Door width: 90cm
  • Platform size: The lift car is 1.1 metres wide and 2 metres long.
  • Internal controls: The controls are at sitting height on both sides of the lift car and are in good colour contrast. They also illuminate when pressed.
  • Indicators of floor level: The lift has a visual display of the floor level as well as an external and internal tone.
Lift entrance Car interior
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Children's Area
  • This area is directly off the main library area.  
  • Tables and chairs to suit small children provided as well as some couch chairs with sloping arm rests.
  • Variety of moveable furniture within the room that may be moved to allow people using mobility devices to move through.
  • Books are on display from sitting height
Young Adults
  • A spacious area located through wide, open entry from the main library.  
  • Variety of seating including chairs with armrests and very low couch chairs with soft cushioning and no armrests
  • Books are on display from floor and sitting height to standing height
  • Study desks and internet access desks provide knee clearance space of 65cm. Swivel chairs with arm rests.
Bunbury Local Studies Collection
  • Collection is reached via an 84cm wide swing door that is unlocked by the librarian for customer use. 
  • Study desks are provided with computers and a CCTV for magnifying reading material, with office style swivel chairs that do not have armrests.  There are also non swivel chairs that do have armrests
  • Study desks are a standard height but have low knee clearance of 65cm
  • Archive material is stored at standing height in filing cabinets. Staff assistance is available if required

Information collected by: City of Bunbury

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.