City of Armadale

Hillside Garden Village, Caravan Park, Armadale

  • A caravan park with caravan sites and cabins, including one accessible cabin
  • Cabin has accessible bathroom with level shower recess and grab rails
  • Park has a swimming pool
270 South Western Highway, Armadale,
Opening Hours
  • Office hours
  • Monday to Saturday 10.00am to 1.00pm
  • 08 9399 6376

Closest accessible parking

  • Parking at Cabin 39 is in a carport, 3.15 metres wide and 5.5 metres long with an overhead clearance of 2 metres.
  • Pedestrian access: Cabin 39 entry door is off the carport. There is a small ramp to the door.
Carport and entrance door
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Visitor parking on compact sand near caravan park entrance.
New arrivals parking in parallel bays in front of caravan park office.
External access and entrance
  • Office is next to the new arrivals parking.
  • Sloped kerb from the bitumen parking to the paving outside the office.
  • Small ramp to the 86cm wide office door. It has a lever handle.
  • Enquiry bell is at standing height.
  • Service counter at standing height. Chairs have armrests.
Through the park
  • Pedestrians use the bitumen roadway to move through the park.
Roadway through park Office entrance Reception counter and seating
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Swimming pool
  • Wide entrance gate with a high safety lock.
  • Steps into pool have a central handrail and no colour contrast on step edges.
  • Picnic tables next to the pool enclosure has space at each end for wheelchair seating. Tables are shaded, 75cm high with 71cm knee clearance.
  • Male and female toilets provided.
Swimming pool Picnic tables
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Cabin kitchen and dining room
Spacious kitchen with 90cm high bench , under bench cupboards and a bench mounted microwave.
Dining table next to the kitchen, is 74cm high with 72 cm knee clearance between legs 52cm apart.
Chairs do not have armrests.
Kitchen Kitchen Dining table
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Cabin lounge
Small lounge room with soft lounge chairs.
Lounge seating and television
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Guest communal laundry
Entry to laundry via 11 metre long ramp that is 1 metre wide. Gradient averages 1:10. There are no handrails.
The 80cm wide entrance has a short ramp.
Top loading washing machines and front loading driers.
Washing lines out the back door, set over concrete.
Washing machines Ramp to laundry
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Accommodation Room / Unit

Room name
Cabin 39
A one bedroom, single storey cabin with a covered carport, double bedroom and spacious bathroom with level shower recess.
The cabin is designated as non smoking.
Cabin has tiles in the living areas and carpet in the bedroom.
  • All doors 80cm wide with a knob handle.
  • Light switches are 1.3 metres high.
  • Remote controlled television.
  • Remote controlled air conditioning.
  • The bedroom has regular height hanging and shelves in an open style wardrobe.
An 80cm wide entry door off the carport has a knob handle. 
Door is light to open.
Double bed is 50cm high with 9cm clearance underneath which is insufficient to accommodate the legs of a mobile hoist. The firm bed is on castors. There is 1 metre space on each side of the bed.
Clear space under bed
Combined bathroom toilet
Bathroom door
An 80cm wide door with a knob handle that is light to open with no self closing mechanism.
  • Curtained, level access shower with a hand held shower hose.
  • Shower level access: Yes
  • Description: The toilet is 46cm high and has grab rails.
  • Door: Manual
  • Pan height: 46cm
  • Basin: The basin is 80cm high with knee clearance
Bedroom Bedroom including wardrobe Toilet pan Basin and shower recess Bathroom diagram
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Information collected by: City of Armadale

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.