City of Mandurah

Yalgorup Country Lodge, Mandurah

  • Yalgorup Country Lodge is near Yalgorup National Park with walk trails at Lake Hayward and Lake Preston that lead to picnic areas and some with BBQ facilities
  • One Queen sized accessible room
  • Level access throughout the Lodge
  • All common areas are large and are airconditioned
  • Heated swimming pool and spa
  • A commode chair is available on request
  • Lodge offers a laundry service on request
Location (View Map)
1184 Estuary Road, Bouvard, WA 6210 Australia
Opening Hours
  • 24 hours
08 9739 1322

Closest accessible parking

  • General parking area allows for accessible parking on an as needs basis.  The area is open and on a bitumen surface.
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External access and entrance
  • 1 metre wide garden arch onto a 40 metre block paved pathway, 5 metres that gently slopes. 
  • Entrance: Level access through a wooden flyscreen door that is 76cm wide.  Guests are requested to ring a door bell 1.2 metres high and located on the wall to the right of the door.  There is a 11cm lip on the outside and a 5cm lip on the inside of the door.
Entrance External access Outdoor seating
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Internal area
  • Wide wooden level floor has a counter and reception at standing hight that holds information brochures on things to see and do in the area. 
  • Foyer opens into a centralised sitting room with low seating and provides access to the corridor to the rooms, dining room, lounge room and library. 
  • Right angle corridor to rooms is 1 metre wide and 12 metres long.  There is a standard unisex toilet off the corridor.
Swimming pool
  • At the rear of the Lodge by a wooden fly screen door 78cm wide with a small lever handle.  The doorway has an internal lip of 4cm and external lip of 20cm.  It provides access to a wide block paved pathway that leads to the outdoor grass and paved areas.  The area can also be accessed by the front door of the Lodge. 
  • Gate is 93cm wide and has a high lever handle 1.6 metres, in order to comply with safety requirements.
  • There is a step 14cm high. Access into the pool is by 2 sets of three steps.  There are tables 71cm clearance with umbrella for shade, chairs with backs and arms and lie lows in the pool area. 
  • Spa is located in gated area next to the pool.
  • There are pergola areas with tables 72cm high and chairs with back and arms for outside dining.
Swimming pool gate Swimming pool
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Dining Room
  • Wooden floor with two large rectangular and one large round dining tables.  The round table is 76.5cm high with a clearance of 64.5cm.  There are upholstered chairs with backs.
  • Cereal counter is 94cm high and is self serve. Tea and coffee counter is 80cm high and is self serve.
Dining Room Tea & Coffee counter
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Lounge Room
  • Wide access is by the central sitting room. 
  • Room has short pile carpet with a variety of upholstered seating. 
  • Television has teletext. 
Lounge room
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  • Room has short pile carpet with a chesterfield leather lounge and upholstered arm chairs. 
  • Books are located on floor to ceiling high shelves. 
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Accommodation Room / Unit

Room name
Room 6 - Accessible
  • Accessible room, access into the room is by a key. 
  • Door opens into a small corridor that provides wide open entrances to the bathroom off to the left and a double door entrance to the bedroom off to the right.
  • Bedroom has a retreat with a three seater lounge, a pedestal table with 63cm clearance and a single arm chair.
  • Tea and coffee facilities are at sitting height and are located on top of the fridge that is 80cm high.   
  • Bedroom has a retreat with a three seater lounge and a pedestal table with 63cm clearance and a single arm chair.
  • Room facilities: Television, radio and CD player, clock and radio.
  • Light switches at 1 metre high. Ceiling fan with manual switch on wall 1.2 metres. A commode chair is avaialble upon request.  
Swing door is 77cm wide, closes manually and has a knob handle.
Queen bed in the room is 56cm high and there is 14cm available space under the bed. The bed is soft.
Clear space under bed
Combined bathroom toilet
Bathroom door
  • 70cm wide swing door has a door knob.  
  • Prospective guests are encouraged to contact the Lodge and discuss their particular access requirements.
  • Taps at a height of 1.2 metres.  There is a 12cm high and wide tiled hob into the shower,
  • Shower level access: Yes
  • Door: Manual
  • Pan height: 440cm
Access to room Basin Lounge in bedroom Single chair bedroom Shower Toilet entrance Toilet diagram
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Information collected by: City of Mandurah

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.