City of Stirling

Balga Community Centre

  • Senior Citizens groups, Cosmetic care, Podiatry, Activities groups
  • Available for general community use
  • Accessible toilets on site
  • Accessible parking on site
Location (View Map)
81 Camberwell Rd, Balga, WA 6061 Australia
Opening Hours
As required, see booking officer for further information
08 9344 6461

Closest accessible parking

  • Two bitumen accessible bays that are clearly identified
  • Bays are 3.2 metres wide and 5.3 metres long.  
  • Pedestrian access:
    • Level access between bay and path to main entrance.

External access and entrance
  • Wide paved path leading to sheltered main entrance. Level access between bay and path to main entrance. 
  • Entrance has an automatic sliding door that opens 80cm wide.
Internal area
  • Carpeted floor surface with wide internal clearance.
  • Seating is firm with arms and back rests.
Equipment for people with disabilities
There is a fixed ramp to access stage is on site.


  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Availability: Unlocked.
  • Description: Male and female accessible toilets on site.
  • External access: Female toilet is accessible a corridor that has a lip of 0.5cm and is 2 meters wide. Corridor door swing is 80cm wide.
  • Toilet door: Manual swing door 75cm wide is slow to close with a medium lock. Clearance is 1 metre wide.
  • Pan height: 51cm
  • Basin height: 78cm
  • Lighting: Light on at all times.
  • Cost: No.
Basins Toilet Toilet diagram
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Podiatry room
  • Door: 79cm wide door.
  • Floor surface is linoleum.
  • Facilities: Height adjustable podiatry high back chair with fixed armrests.
Main Hall
  • Double door: 163cm
  • Floor surface is carpet and timber.
  • Facilities: Ramp to stage.
Craft Room
  • Door: 80cm and 111cm x 2.
  • Floor surface is linoleum
  • Facilities: Kitchen access through craft room. 80cm door entrance with linoleum floor surface.
Dressing Room
  • Door: 80cm.
  • Floor surface is carpet and linoleum
  • Facilities: Ramp top stage.

Information collected by: City of Stirling

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.